Visa sponsorship


If the person who is going to go to the United States does not have sufficient income for a permanent stay in the country or does not have sufficient money on his account, he might not get a visa.

But there is a way how you can increase the likelihood of this issuance. It is called a visa sponsorship.
The important point profiles for a visa is whether you pay for the trip by yourself or you have a sponsor. It can be the citizens of your country, as well as US citizens, in the other words, the host from this country.

Visa sponsorship is the situation when somebody is ready to pay for your visa. It could be your family, work company, friend – it is not important.
This person lives in this country where you are going to get a visa and they support your application for a visa for that country.

Sponsoring your visa procedure depends on the kind of visa you want and your nationality. You should look at a country’s official website to figure out what the requirements are for you.

Your sponsor must take responsibility for you when you are in the country.
They must say the Immigration authorities they take responsibility for you are fed, clothed and housed and they make sure when your time is finished that you leave the country like you are supposedto.

How to issue a visa sponsorship?

It is issued in the easy way – your sponsor should write a sponsorship letter.
Sponsorship letter differs from many similar documents that it is written in free form. Its content arbitrarily, but there are some points still need to be:

  • Sponsor and applicant names
  • Relation degree
  • Passport numbers
  • Trip date
  • Consulate name

Sponsorship Letter

This letter is to verify that I, (sponsor’s name) (passport number), am willing and capable of financially supporting my (relation degree, applicant name and applicant’s passport number) during visit to USA from (date) till (date).
I provide an attestation from the workplace and a bank statement on my account status as my financial solvency evidence.

(Date, signature)

It is just one possible example. If you think you need to provide more any information you should provide it. The letter must be attached the necessary documents – copies of documents confirming kinship, bank statement, proof of employment and others.

The letter is written in the language of the country where the visa is the consulate. You can also attach a translation of the letter, if it was written in Russian.

What demands can be made to the sponsor, who lives in the United States? Who can be your ideal sponsor in the United States?

You must have clear evidence that are not going to stay in the United States. Before the visa interview is to ask a question (call, write a letter, ask a question on the site) and ask for help officials of the US Embassy in determining what kind of evidence of your ties with the homeland they will arrange (work, family, property, a good regular income, something yet).

Ask the person who pays for your stay in the United States and lives in the United States to write a sponsorship letter to the Embassy of the United States with an indication of their work place, home address, phone, e-mail address and the sponsorship reasons. Ask the sponsor to provide their contact information.

Future sponsor must apply to the State authorities and clarify what documents he must provide for sponsorship; often a letter is not enough. For example, in some cases you may need proof of your sponsor’s citizenship;
Sponsor may take a letter from your bank as proof of their financial solvency.

You should answer sincerely, honestly on the visa interview. They can call your sponsor to verify information.

You have to keep in mind sponsorship documents registration takes time (sometimes it can be months).
Get ready for the trip in advance.

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