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Unfortunately, requirements to the resume are various in different countries, so the content and structure suitable for one country can look unprofessional in another one.

If you do not wish to look poor for you potential employer or the worst among your competitors, it is important to pay much attention to your resume - the paper that should present you from the beneficial side only. That is why it is vital to have your paper brought to perfection by an experienced editor or order resume writing services from experts in international recruitment.

It is of great importance to convince the employer that your intention to relocate is serious enough. Moreover, your resume should be brilliant to stand out among other job seekers. But, unfortunately, there are some commonmistakes made by job-seekers:

Use of the local email address

There are more chances to have your resume tossed as you live outside the commuting distance of the job.

Weak introduction

unstructured content of the resume and no apparent indication that you are willing to relocate. Such resumes get lost right after the arrival.

Omitting mentioning some important information

like cultural and language fluency,location-specific awareness, experience outside the current location etc.

The absence of accurate data

like date of relocation, address, name of companies you used to work for etc.

Application for a job with a single resume

The chances to be invited to the interview are always higher if a resume is accompanied by a decent cover letter.

These are only some of the features that make employers or recruiters refuse you immediately.

In general, a resume for relocation depends greatly on the country you go to so the number peculiarities can be almost endless.

This is the main reason why this responsible task should be assigned to professionals and we are always ready to provide assistance or create your efficient relocation resume from scratch.

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